Free Gift ipad2-16 GbWiFi from kudos Network | How to get free gift from kudos, online

Most of us have heard of companies offering Free Gifts to people who sign up to sites such as Kudos Network and then get their friends to do the same, all they seem to ask is that you complete just one of their many offers and then get your friends, family or even total strangers to do the same, it really doesn't matter just as long as you manage to get the X amount of referrals that your chosen gift requires.

that is really all it takes.

Simply sign up for free to HERE

Just make sure to put in your correct details as you don't want to have your account suspended for fraud or, even worse, your free Widescreen TV to be sent to a bogus address as it would mean all your hard work has been in vain.

How does this Work? you may ask. Surely there must be some catch? Nothing in life is free

When you sign up, you will need to complete an offer. Let's say you complete the then pays KudosNetwork a commission for bringing them a new customer. The commission is obviously not enough to pay for something like a I-pod 3 or Sony bravia  and that is where your friends come in.  Every time a friend or anyone signs up via a  link that KudosNetwork provide you that is more commission money (referrals) that go towards buying your gift for you.

Let's say you have chosen the new iPod Nano 8Gb as your gift and you need to refer 7 friends. When you get 7 people to sign up under your referral link and complete an offer each, Kudos Network, again will get paid a commission, which will then pay for your selected gift and leave Kudos Network with a small profit.

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